Thursday, December 6, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water NP - Warrah Trig - MTB - 4 december 2012

I drove over near Patonga for the Warrah Trig loop.

The weather was sunny and hot. I had bought new bike shorts and was keen to try them out. They definitely make the ride a lot more comfortable.

I parked at the parking area near Warrah Trig.

I cycled down the dirt road and onto Patonga drive. It was a fast ride downhill to the dirt service road turnoff for Pearl Beach. I followed it until Warrah Trig then doubled back to take the steep service road back to the van.

I notice a number of blocked service roads going down the road which after looking at them on goggle earth look like they would be fun to do!

4.82 km
24 minutes
av speed 13.3 km/h
max speed 29.2 km/h
elevation gain 98m

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