Sunday, November 18, 2012

AUSTRALIA - Werakata NP - Mungo Brush, - 15 november 2012

I left Mungo Brush and a small group of dingoes and headed to Werakata National Park

Werakata National Park
I parked at Astills Picnic Area. The weather had turned hot and humid. I cycled along Astills Trail then joined onto Deadmans Loop.  Astills trail was a service road and pretty boring. Deadmans varied in road/trail conditions making it a more interesting ride. Unfortunately, then was a few illegal dumpings spoiling the overall appearance of the area and the signposting was very poor (or maybe it had been vandalised).

Distance               8.11km
Time                      0:4
Av speed             10.6kph
Elevation gain    52m

Great trip but now back home!

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