Thursday, June 10, 2010

Indonesia - Lombok - Ekas - Heaven on the Planet Resort - April/May 2010

Heaven on a Planet resort is situated at Ekas in the south east of Lombok on a hill overlooking a wide bay. It is an isolated place with a few nearby small rural villages.

The resort has a large entertainment and eating area. The menu has a large choice of meals. Down the hill from this level is another entertainment area with chairs, television and sound system. Below level is the small but nice swimming pool.

The rooms are situated in the gardens or overlooking the bay.

My room had a large double bed with mosquito net, television, DVD, various pieces of furniture and a bathroom.
The gardens have paths leading in various directions. At the bottom of the hill is a nice white sand beach with reasonable swimming at high tide. There are chairs and tables. The resort boat is moored on the beach.

The staff are westerners and locals. All are friendly and very helpful.

Power is provided by generator, which is turned off during the night. On a few nights, the lack of fan made the room extremely hot and uncomfortable. The roof is thatched so the nets are to keep out mosquitoes and critters from the roof. Scorpions are around and they search for damp places so shake your towel and costumes well before using.

There are other inclusions in the package deal stay or one can opt for the no package deal.

Overall, it is a great place to stay but expensive by Lombok standards. Drinks and certain activities are in addition to the package cost.

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