Monday, June 7, 2010

Indonesia - Sumbawa -Air Panas - surf - April 2010


We organised the boat and food etc the day before.

9 May 2010 - sunny

We were up early and down the beach ready for a boat trip adventure and hopefully good waves at a break called ‘Air Panas’. Air Panas in Indonesia means hot springs but the hot springs are in the bay to the west. There is a lighthouse on the hill so I thought a better name would be lighthouse east beach... Anyway...

The trip was noisy due to the motor but the scenery was great and it was nice just lying back watching the world move up and down and along. I usually get seasick or disoriented from boat rides. Disorientation was the sickness this time... funny... no one seemed to notice it (my disorientation) except myself.

There is a right and left break on reefs with a channel separating the two. We moored in this channel. The beach was palm fringed with white sand and one old fishing hut.

I surfed both breaks but I thought the left was far better. It seemed to get better as the tide came in. Apparently, the day before the right was better.

We were gone most of the day with the actual boat motoring being about 3 to 4 hours.

The boat cost 750 000 rupiah for the 5 of us (or about that).

The place looks like it would be a fun place to camp out for a few nights. There is a road but apparently it is crap even by Indonesian standards.

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