Monday, June 7, 2010

Indonesia - Sumbawa - Cobblestones - surf- April 2010

Cobblestones is a right hand reef break wave. There is a left on the other side of the small bay.

It seems to work best mid to high and high to mid tide.

7 April 2010 - cloudy and sunny

The first surf was about 1 metre. The wave is fun and easy. Some of the bigger waves tended to bowl up on the outside of the wave and break inwards making it a little difficult to get around that particular section.

The crowd was small and easy going.

8 April 2010 – sunny

We surfed in the afternoon in ½ to 1 metre fun waves. It was a little bumpy but smoothed out late in the afternoon when the wind diminished.

9 April 2010 – sunny

There were ½ to 1 metre waves that improved into the evening. The waves were easy and fun.

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