Monday, June 7, 2010

Indonesia - Sumbawa - Hu'u, motorbike and dinner at Jay's - April 2010

Hu’u is the small village to the west of Lakey. It consists of a main road with a number of dirt roads branching off in a rectangle shape. The homes are fenced and dotted along the main road and the side roads.

12/04/10 - sunny

I went the first time through the village with Harry my motorbike driver. The people were very friendly saying hello or waving.

I met Harry’s wife and some of his kids as well as visited his house. Further along through the village, we met Jay’s wife and some of her family.

13/04/10 - sunny

On the second visit, we were all invited to jay’s home for dinner. Jay was Marty’s motorbike driver. The meal was really nice and we got to meet more of his family.

We had a great time after dinner with Marty giving away stickers and Marty and Nick buying fish. It caused a mini riot but it was in the name of good fun.

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