Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Busy, busy, busy! Back from the mountains but a lot of room moving and yard stuff to do. Okay though as I was in the mood to get organized.

In the meantime, I did a few relaxing things.

On the 21st, Jacinta and I drove to Pearl Beach for a coffee on the beach and a swim.

I love that place. It is a small, leafy village on a flat area at the bottom of a steep drive. It is surrounded by a u-shaped ring of steep hills and cliffs. It has a pretty beach with a rugged stretch of coast to the north and south. It adds up to a serene, quiet and friendly area.

We had relatives visit for a few days. Nice to have visitors!

On the 24th, after watching a beautiful sunrise on North Avoca Beach, I had a kayak at Avoca Lagoon. The water level was still low. The morning sunrise and the cloud covered lead to a contrasting shades of grey between the sky, water and land. There were a number of birds out and about.

Two things stood out on this kayak though I have no photos of them. the first was a sea eagle that slowly flapped passed me and within two metres with a medium sized bat in its talons. An awesome sight.

The second, was a group of deers that wandered briefly out of the lagoon edge undergrowth. Deers are not native to Australia but there is a deer farm on a nearby property.

It was a pleasant 3.81 km kayak.

The waves for surfing had been poor though I've looked a few times each day.

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