Friday, January 20, 2017


At the southern end of the Central Coast this morning for a bike ride in Brisbane Water National Park.

I parked at the Warrah Trig carpark and off I went along the dusty, dirt road.

After a short distance, I tried a riding along an overgrown track. Overgrown was a putting it mildly. I was lured on to an adventurous looking track but before long the track was virtually no existent. I had to bush bash most of the way along. I couldn't turn around as the vegetation was just to tall and thick. Luckily, it was only a short distance.

A little further along, the bush had been burnt out by a bush fire. The burn out made an inaccessible area accessible. I rode through the burnt landscape with blackened tree trunks and the beginnings of new greenery from the blacken dirt. I rode towards a large flat sandstone area and had fun riding along the edge of the platform while admiring the beginnings of new life with a stark sunrise in the background.

At the end of the dirt road, I rode along a narrow, fun track that parallel to the main road in a meandering fashion. Once again, much of the vegetation had been burnt.

On the other side of the main road, I portaged over a gate and continued along a wide track. Soon I came to an intersection of the trails. I took the PMG trail which looked like it was going to be a long downhill. It was and it was also very rugged and eroded in most parts. A great ride. It ended at a small rise before a descent down to Patonga Creek. There were partial views of the creek at this point.

It was uphill, of course, for most of the way back along the PMG trail. I then followed a short track and the dirt road back to Warrah Trig carpark.

A fun 7.91 km ride.

After the ride, I drove down to nearby Pearl Beach.

I bought a cappuccino, walked over to the beach, lazed in the sun and had a swim in the cool, ocean water. A great way to end a hot bike ride and a nice way to start the day.

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