Sunday, January 22, 2017


I woke up with a view of a mist shrouded swamp in the foreground and a rising sun in the background. Kangaroos were feeding and hopping around the camp and the swamp area. All very nice.

I had a small breakfast and decided to try the Barrington Trail to Barrington Mountain. Well, that was the plan...

The track started off uphill, wet and grassy. This continued for ages and when I reached a cross road my shoes were soaked. The next track, was also uphill but on a service road. It passed through a few open areas with pretty flowers. I finally joined onto the Barrington Trail but due to an incorrect map I turned the wrong way. After a short uphill, there was a long steep downhill ride that was very exciting. It ended in a cleared area with a small creek running through the centre. There were a lot of kangaroos here. I continued uphill again but near the top, I had had enough as there wasn't much to see and I was sure I was going in the wrong direction. Well, I was going in the wrong direction and unknown to me, I was only a few 100 metres from the main dirt road. As it was, I had doubled back and had a great ride back to the camp with lots of steep downhills and only one uphill.

Still, a great 14.61 km ride.

I rested the rest of the morning and read a book while taking in the beautiful view from the camp area while lying in the back of the van.

Later in the afternoon, I thought I take a bit of a drive to check out a few lookouts and a hike.

The first stop was Devils Hole Lookout. This was a short  0.17 km track with great views over the green and rugged mountains.

I then checked the camping area at Devils Hole but it was pretty much over used and didn't look like a nice camp.
The second lookout was Thunderbolts. This was a short 0.76 km hike through some old growth forest. The lookout was just a little further east than the last lookout but the fencing wasn't around the whole area so I could stand on the rocks overlooking the drop below.

The third stop was a hike along the Honeysuckle Track. This was a great short hike through tall trees, open spaces, moss covered logs, huge ferns and total silence. The humidity was extreme and I was drenched after a such a short and easy hike.

Back to camp to rest and have dinner.

Presently, i'm sitting on the bed in the back of the van with the rear door open. There is a coolish light breeze running through the van. My view is the swamp area and the surrounding background trees in the dying light of the sunset. Nice.

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