Saturday, January 7, 2017


What a great day. I woke so early. Well too early and couldn't get back to sleep.

At sunrise I checked the surf and found it in need of improvement. I chatted to a few fellow surfers and decided on a bike ride at Brisbane Water NP. On the way, it started to spit rain so I change my mind to a hike at Girrakool.

A good choice as the hike is only about two kilometres and very diverse. the first attraction was a large area of sandstone where the creek flows over and under. There are a number of cascades here and it is so pretty and serene.

The creek eventually, plummets about 15 metres in a pool of dark water where it is joined by another creek and becomes Piles Creek. I followed the track back along the other small creek and had a short diversion where another waterfall falls into a shallow pool. The area is rainforest like and the humidity high. Once again so pretty.

It was a great hike along an easy track.

I drove to Terrigal Haven next for an ocean swim.

I crashed out and had a long snooze due to my lack of sleep.

When I woke, Jacinta and I went to Putty Beach, which is part of Bouddi National Park.

We lased in the sun and had cool swims in the calm, clean water. I had a hike along the rocks and over the point's undulating cliff and back along the coastal track to Putty Beach.

What a great day! :) :) :)

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