Thursday, January 5, 2017


Yesterday, was a rest day but by the afternoon I was a bit restless so my daughter and I went out for lunch and to the movies to see 'Passenger'. It was a great movies with good acting and the special effects were amazing, especially, the scene in which the gravity on the spaceship was gone and the water in the pool raised and swirled in huge blobs. The girl was caught inside one of the water blobs but she survived.

This morning, I went for a swim at Toowoon Bay. The water was nice though a little weedy. I chatted to a lady in the water for awhile about world problems and solutions.

After the swim, I walked along the beach and walked amongst the rocks at Toowoon Point.

The tide was low and there were a number of shallow rockpools filled with small fish, seaweed, shellfish and surprisingly, three large gastropod mollusks. They blended with the seaweed and the rocks and they had a blob like appearance. I only noticed them because one of them moved when I was looking in that specific direction.

Another swim, a cup of coffee and that was enough sun for me today. :)

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