Sunday, April 3, 2016


John and I went for a bike ride at Long Jetty.

This was john's first ride since his injury and he went well on the flats and eventually the small hill climbs.

It was a great morning with a few highlights :-

On peddling out on one of the piers there were seagulls and terns roosting on the railing all the way along. As we cycled along the pier, the seagulls flew off in a sort of formation to the left and the right. It looked pretty cool from my vantage point behind John.

We watched a teen girl doing all sorts of tricks on her bike in the bike park. Amazing to watch! She was so good but alas, the footage didn't turn out as I turned the go pro off rather than on. She said she had been practising for a few years and learned watching the older boys.

People saying hello and good morning as we cycled pass them.

Cycling along the piers. We met a young guy fishing at the end of one jetty. He had no luck fishing but he enjoyed the solitude and view.

A play in the two bike parks though I was wasn't near the young girls standard, I still had a good time and felt inspired to do better.

A fun bike ride.

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