Friday, April 15, 2016


We (John and I) drove to Mooney Mooney Creek just off the Old Pacific Highway for a kayak.

We intended to go to the headwaters of Mooney Mooney Creek but was tempted to explore Floods Creek.

It was a foggy and cold start to the kayak. It was slippery and awkward launching at Mooney Mooney Creek on the damp, muddy and steep creek banks. We managed without incident but I reckoned John came close to a tumble in the water.

The creek was covered in a light, floating mist and the sky above was obscured by a thick fog. It was eerie watching the Pacific Highway Bridge above Mooney Mooney Creek come into view as we drew nearer to it.

A few nice looking birds roosted on overhanging branches in the mist as we paddled along.

The fog was slowly lifting when we arrived at Floods Creek. It looked more narrow than Mooney Mooney Creek so we decided to explore.

It was a great decision! The tide was still high enough to paddle a long distance up the creek and over and under a number of fallen obstacles and along very narrow channels. The water was clear and the bottom of the creek gradually became white sand.

We reached a deep section of water and some very large rocks in the water. We paddled around the rocks and reached a small beach. This was as far as we could paddle.

We landed and wandered around the creek head. The vegetation was rainforest and in parts the soil was so thick with humus that we could virtually spring on it.

The 'paddle' back was fun as the tide had gone out more and in sections it was too shallow to paddle so we walked and pushed the kayaks. The water was very clear and warm and the bottom was sandy so it was a trouble free porterage.

The fog had totally cleared by the time we reached Mooney Mooney Creek with brilliant blue sky. Paddling back, we had a great view of the highway bridge and the tranquility of Mooney Mooney Creek.

A great, fun and adventurous 4.62 km kayak.

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