Tuesday, April 19, 2016


A cloudy morning with a good chance of rain. No rain so off for a kayak at Mooney Mooney Creek with John.

We did this kayak along Mooney Mooney Creek a few days ago but after a short distance we had turned off and followed Floods Creek

Today, we followed the creek to the headwater.

There was no wind throughout the paddle so there were heaps of glassy images and the feeling that the kayak was cutting across a sheet of glass.

It was very still and quiet. There were some occasional bird calls and the slap of our paddles in the water. The ferns grew thickly along the banks in parts and trees and bushes hang over the water.

We did paddle up a small tributary which was only separated by a narrow band of land from the main creek. There were some fun low obstacles to go under and we had a walk around the rocks and bush.

Back on the main creek and we paddled to the end. We walked through the shallow water enjoying the sound of the cascading water and the tranquility of the scene. We turned off the creek and walked inland a short distance to the great North Walk track.

We paddled back to the start then drove to East Gosford for a coffee.

We were amazed when we thought about the adventure... nice drive, quiet creek, beautiful scenery, walking through the cascading water, navigating under low logs...life is an amazing experience.

A great 5.88 km kayak.

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