Saturday, April 9, 2016


A beautiful morning for a kayak.

I drove to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and parked at the junction of Cockle Creek and Cowan Creek.

The drive down the steep hill from the highway to the water was pretty. Bikes everywhere on the road. Luckily, they were going uphill and I was going down.

At the carpark, I was amazed with the amount of people there. Apparently, there was a huge cross country race on. As I was paddling along the creek, I had glimpses of runners in the bush.

I launched at Cockle Creek and paddled under a bridge and turned into Cowan Creek. The first sight was a massive marina with huge motor launches. It made me wonder how rich some people must be but then again all the boats were moored and only one space was empty so I guess they don't get to use them that much. It is simpler for me to be on the water but I'm on it a lot.

After the marina, nature dominated with mangroves and cliffs. The deep valley kept the creek sheltered from wind but allowed in the sunshine.

In one part, I was able to paddle amongst the trees and mangroves. It was a  surreal wonder world of reflection.

The creek ended in a jumble of rocks that I was able to navigate for a short distance.

On the return, I explored a small tributary which had an amazing waterfall. The water was pouring from the root system of a plant dangling in the air above the water. So pretty.

A pleasant 10.10 km kayak.

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