Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I checked a few beaches for a surf but the tide was low and at most beaches the waves were closing out.

I went to plan b which was a bike ride. I drove to Bouddi National Park and parked at the carpark at the top of Maitland Bay Drive.

I peddled in the direction of the Strom Lookout. The track was wide as it also is a rarely used service road.

On the left, I noticed a small track and followed it. It was windy and fun and a little damp from the recent rains. It ended at a culvert that ran beneath the road. Water was running out of the drain and into a small pool which flowed a short distance to a cascade over a sheer drop. I inched towards the edge but it was certainly an intimating drop. The mosquitoes at this stop were horrendous so I didn't stay long.

I back tracked and followed the main trail. I came across another track which meandered narrowly for a short distance before rejoining the trail. Half way along this track there was another track that lead downhill. I will have to try this one next time I'm here.

I followed the trail till the end then backtracked to the Strom lookout turnoff. This was a short track that ended in a fenced lookout area with a vista over Brisbane Water from Hardy's Bay to Ettalong.

A fun 2.84 km ride with side tracks and not fun mosquitoes.

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