Saturday, March 5, 2016


Blue sky and intense sunrise.

I launched my kayak from near one of the boat ramps at Davistown on Brisbane Water. My objective was a slow paddle around Riley Island.

It was a pleasant relaxing paddle with the odd SUP and kayaker passing by. I stayed within the shallows close to the island shoreline of mangroves which was enclosed in parts by oyster farms.

Some of the highlights of the trip:

gliding across the mirror surface of the still waters
bobbing in time with the wake waves caused by passing boats
overhanging branches of mangrove trees
clusters of sharp oyster shells in the shallows under the mangrove trees
battling against the current
gliding with the current
spending time on a small soft and fine beach on Riley Island
standing in the water on sand with small fish playing around my feet

watching small to large fish peek inquisitively at my underwater camera
spotting and guiding over the odd stingray
one stingray shooting under thee kayak and off into the distance
old rusted tank relics on the island
swirls of water
an intense sunrise.
an ibis and egret roosting in a tree near each other

A slow, relaxing 4.4 km kayak :)

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