Wednesday, March 2, 2016


It is officially Autumn but the weather is still hot and will remain so for a while. A beautiful sunny day again. Sometimes, it becomes a worry when there are so many days without rain.

I drove to the Woy Woy channel and launched the kayak off a small sandy beach into clear calm water.

It was only a short paddle across the channel to Pelican Island but it was a world apart from the manicured urban other side of the channel. With in a short time, I came across an ibis foraging in the mangrove shallows for food.

A little further along the island is spilt in two by a narrow channel which enters into a shallow and wide bay. I paddled through and across the bay with pelicans, cormorants and ducks on the water and large flocks of sulphur cockatoos flying overhead.

I paddled around the island close to shore where there was water deep enough to navigate. In addition, a short distance from the shore the island is surrounded by oyster farms.

Towards the end, There was a small beach on the channel apex of the island. there were a number of birds here and the water was very clear. A speed boat passing by caused waves which broke on the shallow sand banks of the beach giving off a nice surfing wave type effect.

Back to the van and feeling good though a little sore on the rump from the 3.44 km paddle.

Afterwards, I drove to Terrigal Haven for a swim and a paddle on my new surfboard.

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