Saturday, March 26, 2016


Berowra Creek is about an hour drive from home, so hoping for a quiet start I drove off in the dark and reached Berowra by first light.

It took awhile to find a parking and launching place. The tide was low and there was a big drop from road to water and most of the access points were on private land. Luckily, I found a spot though it was very slippery on the rocks leading down to the water's edge.

I paddled past some small marinas and reached the Berowa Ferry. I had to wait till the ferry passed and the cables of the ferry were underwater before I could paddle past... no drama.

After a short distance, I paddled around a bend and there were no more boats or houses just mangroves and still reflective water.

The paddle was for 3 hours plus. The best parts were the small tributaries.

One was narrow and ended in a dripping waterfall. I wandered around carefully on the slippery rocks.

Another tributary went under a walking track bridge and ended when the water was too shallow for the kayak. I paddled back to the bridge and walked around the area and onto the bridge which was a part of the Great North Walk. There was a very pretty saltmarsh on one side of the creek that was dotted with spider webs on the top of the tall reeds.

Another tributary was bounded on one side by sheer cliffs with huge sandstone overhangs that overlapped the creek. One day they will fall but not today. Further along the creek, were some rock obstacles to paddle around with the creek finally ending for me in a tumbling spread of body size rocks. The sunlight was filtering through the trees and highlighted certain rocks and vegetation in the bushy area.

It was a hard 10 km kayak as I was paddling against the tides in both directions. Still, it wasn't that hard.

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