Monday, September 13, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - BRISBANE WATER - Waterfall Bay - kayak - 11 September 2010

A perfect day with sunshine and a light cool breeze.

I drove along Woy Woy Road and took the turn off at Woy Woy Bay Road and drove down a steep incline to Woy Woy Bay. I launched at the public wharf and paddled across the bay to Waterfall Bay.

From this point, I followed the eastern side of the bay. I stopped at a small beach and wandered around it and climbed a few rocks.

I continued on to the end of the bay which became shallower. The waterfall was more of a cascade but it was very pretty, tinkling over the rocks. The water was amazing clear with lots of small fish.

I traversed to the western side of the bay and stopped at a small beach amongst the mangroves. There was an excellent camping spot here. I also came across a male brush turkey guarding his nest mound.

I paddled along the western edge and came across a number of swing ropes tied to trees.

Eventually, I reached Woy Woy Bay and paddled across it. There were a number of boats and skiers but none came close to me so I was happy!

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