Thursday, October 23, 2014

CENTRAL COAST - PATONGA - 27 september 2014 - 'ENJOY THE VIEW'

It was a beautiful and sunny day on the Central Coast.

Jacinta and I drove over to Patonga for a walk and lunch.
We walked along the beach to Patonga Creek.  Small waves broke gently along the shore. The white sand rose at a sharp incline to the vegetated foreshore.
 The foreshore was covered in wildflowers. We sat amongst them where someone had placed seating and a table
 Further along the beach, the sand veered out towards the ocean at a crescent where Patonga Creek exited. It was very pretty looking at the vegetated sandstone cliffs or back along the beach or out into Broken Bay.
 The pier jutted out to deeper water. It looked inviting for a swim or snorkel
 We had lunch on the beach.
A pretty way to pass the time away!

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