Tuesday, October 21, 2014

INDONESIA - BALI - LEGIAN - 19 to 21 September 2014 - TANAH THE LOT'

My journey

I left Balian for Legian after a fun but red stinging jellyfish surf.
I settled into the Grand Kumala Hotel and slept most of the afternoon as the stings had made me sleepy.

The next day, I had breakfast with Scotty at Legian. It was his last day!

After that it was shopping day – Tommy’s for leather bag, t shirts, hats, singlets, music. It didn’t take long and I returned back to the hotel and back my bags then went for a few drinks at the Spider Bar.
I had a massage and wandered around the beach and went down Kuta for a few beers and the Espresso Bar. The Espresso Bar was packed so I opted for Paddy’s and sat near the front and people watched for ages – 3 fights, two guys fell off a motorbike, tourist got into hassle with group of Indo guys, a couple argued for ages then kissed and made up at the end.
The last day!!! Usually, I sit somewhere quiet and think about the trip. This time I booked a car for Tanah Lot and had a great time wandering around. After that, it was a rest, dinner and then I had to go. Before you can say ‘Saya harus pergi’ I was at the airport. I had a lot of gear so I used a porter. I think I will use one from now on as it does make it heaps easier. I checked in at Jetstar business class as I had upgraded my ticket earlier for $80.

The flight was more comfortable and I slept a little bit. In the morning I was back in Australia and waiting for a shuttle bus to the Central Coast. The weather was warm and sunny.
By lunch time I was home and dazed! It was good to be home and at the same time I was missing Indonesia.
I think I’m always like that after a trip. I like what I’m doing wherever I am but I also miss what I am not doing elsewhere.
Anyway, here I am and there I was! The words of a song drift through my mind ‘they say in the end it was the blink of an eye…’

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