Sunday, October 5, 2014



Taxi from Bali domestic airport to Kuta - 70 000R – fixed price at taxi stand.


Letos Kubu 2 - Jalan Benasari, Kuta – 0361759908 or 0361767109 – 200 000R air con room.


Bike ride - Bintang tours – 300 000R –transport to start at Kintamani, lunch and return transport.

Grand Kumala hotel – superior – R450 000


New phone – Nokia - 350 000R


Haircut 60 000R – Lida Spa – Padma Utara – 081357539987


Taxi to airport using meter – 50 000R


Taxi from airport to Legian - 80 000R - taxi stand


Driver Made – Legian to Balian - 350 000R – 0816570626


My journey

On my way from Makassar, Sulawesi to Bali.

The flight was about an hour. I caught a taxi from the airport to my hotel in Kuta -

Letos Kubu 2. It was a big, windowless, very clean room with bathroom, big bed and aircon. No breakfast.


I went out for dinner and a few drinks. Not a good night, as unfortunately, I seemed to be a target for aggressive and/or stupid people.


The next day, I woke with a cold. Over the next few days, I was miserable with a runny nose, sore throat, etc.  I did manage to do a few beach walks, massages and caught up with my German friends from Sulawesi - Pascal and Julia.

The cold eased off so I went on a downhill cycle tour with Bintang Tours – 300 000R. It was a good ride – rice fields, threshed some rice, and visited a house and temple. I wouldn’t recommend this company as the bikes were old and needed new tires and maintenance work.

I went to dinner then a quiet drink and met some western real estate scammers and had a few drinks. Didn’t get scammed but had a lot of free drinks so it wasn’t a bad night.

The following day, I moved hotels to Legian – Grand Kumala.  I couldn’t find my phone so I bought a new phone – 350 000R

Later, I watched the sunset on Legian Beach.


The next day, I walked to Seminyak and stopped at a Greek restaurant for lunch.

Later, I had a haircut and had dinner with some friends at the Skygardens, Kuta. They have a 2 hour drink/meal deal for 50 000R. Good food!


Later still, I caught a taxi to the international airport to pick up my wife. It was so good to be with her again after a month on my own.


The following day, we cashed money @ 11 230R which equalled to a lot of indo cash.

We spent the day wandering around and in the afternoon we had beer on beach, then dinner and crash.


We drove to Denpasar to get Jacinta’s glasses fixed – Henry – Wina Optical near the Supernova – 03618570970 –


We sat down the beach and I had a short surf. My toe was okay so we decided to go surfing at Balian tomorrow.


The next day, we were off to Balian.

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