Wednesday, October 15, 2014

INDONESIA - BALI - LEGIAN - 19 to 23 August, 2014 - 'LEG-I-AN'


Grand Kumala @ 420 000R

Cash rate $1 = 10 830R

My journey

I was back in Legian for the visa extension. So where is Brian? It took three days before he got his act together for the visa extension photos. On the day, we went in, got a ticket – 256 - and he told me to come back in the afternoon for the photos as my number was hours from being called…why I had to go with him to get the ticket is beyond my powers of reasoning. Anyway, he calls me a few hours later, come quickly, I have a new number – 215 - that is earlier. I get there but no Brian. The number on the screen is 214. The numbers turn over to 216 and a guy approaches me. Brian couldn’t make it so I’m here but you came too late. Ahhhhhh! I decided to stay until my number was called. An hour or so later, I was finished with the photos. So when is the visa ready? Well it must be processed a couple of days. Call me cynical, but somehow, I didn’t believe him!

I spent my time wandering around Legian, Kuta and Seminyak, eating, having a few drinks and talking.

I met a very interesting lady from Germany – Martina – who has lived in the Solomon Islands for a long time and had some good stories to tell.

I caught up with home friends Michael and  Dewi. We had a few dinners, drinks and clubbing it events. It was fun!

I been in Legian enough and was ready for somewhere new – Nusa Penida here I come.

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