Tuesday, October 21, 2014

INDONESIA - BALI - LEGIAN - 11 to 13 september, 2014 - 'YET AGAIN'

My Journey

I was up very early for the morning flight from Maumere, Flores to Bali. The airport opens at 6am.

I arrived in Bali then settled into Grand Kumala Hotel. I had a massage and walked along beach in afternoon. I ran into Chooka from Balian while I was walking along the beach. After that, I dropped by to see old mate Peter.

I didn’t feel like eating out so I got a takeaway pizza and ate in my room. First time in the whole trip I ate in my room.

For some unknown reason I couldn’t get to sleep and kept waking up periodically.

The next day, I was pretty tired so I read a book and relaxed.

I change my flight date for return to oz and upgraded to business class.

Later, I walked down towards Jalan Padma and had a haircut and good massage. Then I bought a bag for Jacinta from Tommy’s and ordered another bag to be made.

On the way back to my hotel, I had a few drinks at the Spider Bar.

The next day, I was tired again as I slept poorly. I packed my gear, booked a car and was off to Balian.

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