Tuesday, October 21, 2014

INDONESIA - FLORES - MAUMERE - 10 to 11 September, 2014 - 'TAKE A BREAK'


Lion Air direct flight Maumere to Denpasar – 1 399 000R - there is also an afternoon flight via Waingapu, Sumba
Car/driver airport to ankermi   150 000R
The journey

The bike ride from Moni to Ankermi’s in Flores was long but I stopped frequently so I was able to do it in one hit.
Just before the airport turnoff at Maumere, I saw a travel agent and was able to book a ticket back to Bali the following day.
I continued on in the hot blazing sun towards Ankermi’s.
I settle into the room, had a swim and rested. Checking my gear, I realised that I had left my kindle at the Bintang Hotel in Moni. I rang and Billy organised a guy to deliver it to me at Ankermi’s for 250 000R. Later, I had a late afternoon snorkel with lots of fish and shadowy water.

At dinner I met two dive instructors, who just came back from Rote which they said was flat and crowded. At about 8pm, a guy arrived from Moni with my kindle. It took him 6 hours – bus then ojek (motorbike taxi).
I woke early, had breakfast and then a car to the airport, which doesn’t open until 6am.

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