Thursday, June 29, 2017


27 June 2017

There must have been heavy rain in the mountains as the river has started to change direction emptying towards the south of the reef.

I had a mid morning surf with just a few guys out the back. Long lulls at times but some nice waves when they came through. I felt great this morning - more energy and my back wasn't as sore (been sore since massage aka pounding).
I had a chat with Mick when I got out of the water.

We had breakfast at the hotel.
A restful late morning - organizing my bag ( I like to do that every couple of days), washing, chatting.
I did a shuttle drop on the motorbike to Secret Bay for lunch with Kara and Jacinta. The lunch was great and we were joined by a host of others ( Daniel, Idam, Nick and Louise and their respective families) as the afternoon progressed. Then it was a motorbike shuttle service back to the hotel.

A restful late afternoon.
We had  a pizza dinner at Dekis.
I woke at 3am with pains high in my stomach. The pains got sharper and stronger as the night progressed. I broke out in drenching sweats and felt very dizzy. I was in the bathroom and had to lay down on the floor. This continued to 5:30 am when I finally threw up.

28 June 2017

I woke at 8am with a sore stomach but no sharp pains.
I spent the day resting and sitting around the pool. 
Tomorrow, I should be better.
We had dinner at Tom's Garden.

29 June 2017

I woke feeling heaps better. The sun was shining with no clouds.

I had an early morning walk on the beach and a chat with Mick.

I had a fun surf about mid morning.

We lunched at Pitaya

The rest of the afternoon was an easy sit and chat by the pool.
Late in the afternoon I had a number of Jack Daniel's and Jacinta had a number of Margaritas. We were joined by Nick and Louise and  then we had dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Another beautiful day.

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