Wednesday, June 7, 2017


3 june
I checked the surf at MacMasters Beach but a no go.

I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do so I drove over to Pearl Beach for a hike around the Nature Arboretum. It was a pleasant walk and I sighted one bird close up.

After that, i had coffee on Pearl Beach. Always a great view and sit.

Later that night, Jacinta and I saw Kingtide a rock steady reggae band at the Rhythm Hut at Gosford. the venue was different - hippy like - but I liked it. My long time friend since early surfing days, Tony was the main singer and I think songwriter for the band. Great night.

4 june

I checked the surf for a no go answer again.
Later, when it warmed up I had a mountain bike ride at Brisbane Water National Park on the Mullet Creek trail.

The trail leads to a dead end with some views over Mullet Creek. Along the way there were a number of turn off trails/tracks .
I explored the tracks on the way back. All of these tracks/trails were very steep and rough. i was doing a bit of sliding at times.

The first track lead to an outcrop of sandstone with a steep drop down to the creek. Nice view.
The second lead to high tension electricity poles.
The third had views over the passing railway tracks. Once again a great view and a different perspective on trains and railway lines.
The next trail lead very steeply downhill to a rough track that lead to the entrance of the railway tunnel. I parked the bike and walked along the edge of the workers area that as above the tracks. Great perspective and just behind the lines was a rainforest and the green moss covered boulders of the creek. So pretty.

On the way back, I met a fellow biker, James, who was new to the Central Coast from Victoria. It was nice having a bike chat. We left and before long James was out of sight. :)

5 june
Again, a no go for the surf.

I continued on and had a kayak at Avoca Lagoon. This kayak was a birds and bats on show paddle. The area I paddled around was sheltered from the wind and was very serene and quiet. A number of birds had congregated and I was able to get quite close to them. A magic morning.

Later, I had a coffee and wander along Terrigal Beach.

6 june
Not good waves again this morning but I had a great funny chat with Tim and Terry while we were watching the waves.
Afterwards, I joined Jacinta at Terrigal Haven for a coffee.
7 june
Rain and thunder this morning and into the afternoon.
I went indoors to the movies to see "Deadmen Tell no Tales'. It was fast paced, action, great stunts and funny. Very entertaining.

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