Monday, June 12, 2017


 11 June

A wander around the beaches, coffee with Jacinta at the Haven and a mountain bike ride at Brisbane Water National Park.

The tracks and trails were a bit wet from the recent heavy rains and there was a mist in the valley depressions.

Not long after starting  I met a lady, Tracy, who was hiking. We stopped and chatted and she had some amazing stories of long hikes in Spain and France.

I rode as far as the base of Mount Wondabyne then hid the bike in the bush.

I rock scrambled along the steep rocky track to the summit of the mount. It was a fun hike as i tried to do it as fast as I could. Along the way I met three guys hiking to the summit for lunch.

At the top, I explored the top and settled on a nice outcrop of rock with a great view over the Gosford area.

Back down the mount and on the bike and along a highly eroded and rough track to join on to the Mullet Creek trail. It was a hard ride and there were a number of spots where i had to porter the bike down. great bush scenery along the way.

I then followed the Mullet Creek trail and the Tunnel trail back to the car.

A fun and enjoyable ride.

12 June

Finally, better weather with offshore wind and a fun surf at Wamberal Beach.

Tomorrow, we are off to Indonesia for two months. - surfing, hiking, exploring, meeting people, pretty scenery.

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