Friday, June 23, 2017


A crowed surf this morning. I decided to wait till after breakfast. The waves were good and I had a few at the beginning but the crowd increased again. Towards the end of the session the crowd thinned out and a number of sets broke so I came in with plenty of good waves under my belt. Out in the water I met Jonathan from Gisbourne, NZ.

I chatted to a group of ladies from Denmark in WA - a girls' holiday - they were fun.

Jacinta and I walked to Tom's Garden for a pot of coffee, pie and ice cream.
Later, we went for lunch at a beachside warung. the food was nice but the portions were small so we stopped for sushi on the way back.

After a restful afternoon, I went for a motorbike ride to Secret Bay then a hike to Mejan Beach. Firstly, there were a number of strange sea creatures clinging to the rocks in Secret Bay.

This time I walked and climbed through a series of caves. The first cave under the headland of Secret Bay was a tumble of fallen rocks covered in bat pooh. A fun experience but a bit messy on the hands. The cliff above the cave on the other side had a number of bats clinging to it.

I walked across the bay in this small cove and trough an arch that went under the next headland. This one was all sand but timing was important as waves would fill it up to about knee height. I got through the arch with wet shoes.

I walked across the rough, slippery and barnacled rocks to another cave. This cave was very long and dark and there were some bats flying around inside it. At the far end, the cave turned upwards. It was a steep climb up and out and then it as a steep slippery climb down to the next bay. There was a small waterfall and a large sandy beach. 

I walked around the base of the next headland and onto Mejan Beach then I returned via the road and the cliff top track back to my motorbike.

A great adventurous hike but it can only be done at low tide on a small swell.

Back at the hotel, I cleaned myself up while the girls went for cocktails. I joined them and then we walked down the hill to Pitaya for dinner. A tasty meal.

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