Sunday, June 18, 2017


13 June 2017

All our bags are packed we are ready to go,

The shuttle bus will pick us up outside our door...

Shuttle bus pick up no problems. A long queue at the Jetstar check in. Customs quick and no problems. on the plane. - two movies, snacks. Arrive at Bali. Customs quick but the baggage wait was long time in coming. Nyoman was there to pick us up, a late night meal then Grand Kumala Hotel. We had booked two rooms for 515 000R per night per room.

14 June 2017

A good sleep then i had a morning walk down to and along the beach. All was quiet along the streets and the beach was just starting to come alive. Everything was looking clean and fresh after a few days of rain and the morning light just illuminated the world.

Back to the hotel for breakfast with Jacinta and Kara. We met a nice couple, Peter and Marie from WA. Peter was well but recovering from a recent heart attack. After that, it was a rest and swim around the hotel pool.

Jacinta and I went to do our  arriving jobs - cash money at ATM,  get a local sim card for the phone, buy extra food and odds and ends at the supermarket and buy Kara and John's boat tickets to Gili Air.  The latter a good price for 500 000R (rupiah) each.

Back to the hotel to pick up Kara for lunch at a restaurant down the road.

Back again to the hotel to sit and swim around the pool. After a short time, Kara and I decided on a massage at Ayu Spa. We had an aromatherapy for 100 000R each. It was quiet and okay massage.

Back to the hotel and then it was down to the beach for the sunset, a few beers and people watching. It was very lively and the sunset was Monet like as the sun disappear behind the clouds on the horizon.

We walked over to Blue horizon for filling dinner, chatted with a Western Australian (WA) couple and headed back to the ranch for sleep.

A fun first day.

15 June 2017

Another good sleep. I stated the day with a walk along the streets to Padma then returned along the beach. another quiet and pretty morning. I stopped at the Singkenken Hotel to book a car/driver to take up to Balian on the north west coast of Bali and 12:00 @ 500 000R.

Back at the hotel, we went to breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Breakfast for all was included in the room price.

I went to get more cash from the ATM. We could do only two limited withdrawals per day and we needed enough cash for Balian (3 weeks) where the ATM was a quite a drive away.

I joined the girls at the pool for a short time before I decided on another massage. A better aromatherapy massage @100 000R.

After that it was packing time, down to the lobby and a a two hour drive to Balian.

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