Saturday, June 10, 2017


There has been a lot of heavy rain the last few days. It makes some outdoor activities difficult or uninviting.

I took a chance and drove over to Phegans Bay in Brisbane Water for a kayak.

The weather was a little strong but The rain looked like it would hold off for awhile.

The grey clouds and the filtered sunlight gave a grey contrasting colour to the water. Very pretty!

I paddled close to shore hoping for it to block some of the wind. It was fun paddling around the shoreline rocks that were covered in very sharp oyster shells.

At Woy Woy Bay, there were a lot of long jetties and large houses on the western side. I paddled past the water urbanization and at the corner of the bay was a narrow creek.

I followed the creek a short distance through the mangroves until I reached the rocky cascades of the creek head.

I paddled further on till the end of the bay and started the return journey. On the way, it started to sprinkle, then rain, then poured and then the wind picked up and my waterproof poncho blew up like a balloon so I looked like the michellin man. The paddled became harder with the wind and my poncho acting like a sail.

Eventually and towards the end, the rain and wind ceased and the last part was relatively pleasant.

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