Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I woke up to a heavy downpour of rain. It only lasted a short time though.

Jacinta and I went for a hike to Mejan Beach. Along the way we walked over a foot bridge and down to a pretty bay called ' secret bay'. The bay is really a cove with a small beach at the end. The waves funnel into the cove and wash along the cliffs on either side. The wave erosion undermines and smoothes the lower cliff wall.

We walked back up and followed a path to the end of the point. There was an expansive and beautiful view of the waves at Balian and the northern coastline. We continued along a narrow track through jungle, past a small field shrine, over a small cascade of water, through a field with cows and onto Mejan Road. Along the road, we passed a small temple then it was a steep descent to the beach access. The beach was long, wide and stretched off into the distance.

We returned via the road to the village. In the village we brought a large water 60 000r - 20 litres - and they delivered to our hotel room later. We continued along the entrance road to Balian and our hotel.

I checked the surf and ran into Mark, who was with a friend who turned out to be a guy I was good friends with in high school - Rodney. We hadn't seen each other for about forty years. We chatted and then had a fun, smooth surf together. It was so good to meet up again we Rodney and share some good waves.

After lunch, I  spent the afternoon relaxing in the room. It rained on and off throughout the afternoon.

We had a few beers and tasty dinner in the hotel restaurant. The girls had cocktails.

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