Thursday, July 6, 2017


30 JUNE 2017

Started the day with an early morning surf. It was smaller with a few sets at the beginning but a long lull on the low tide peak. Still, it was fun. :)

I had breakfast with the girls and  after that, Jacinta and I had a motor bike ride to town for a few supplies.
Back from the shops and it was back in the water for another surf. There were more waves this time with a few good sized rights on the sets.
Jacinta and I walked to Toms Garden for afternoon coffee. Such a pretty setting in the garden.
We walked to Telor for dinner. I had a tasty beef rending and icy cold draught beers.

We took our malaria tablets tonight in preparation for North Sulawesi. Our first stop after Manado will be Tangkoko National Park with jungle treks as the main attraction. Jungle = mosquitoes = maybe malaria. So, better to be safe than sorry.

1 July 2017

I slept well last night but for me the malaria tablets night is always one of vivid dreams.

I had an early morning surf. There were some long lulls but there was a nice head high right when it came through. There was only a few surfers out in the water.

Talking with Cam in the water about the shark sighting yesterday. He said that the shark - 2 metres - breached the water fully right in front of him. Scary stuff. everybody paddled in but after an hour people started paddling out again. Including yours truly.

I had breakfast with the girls.
They sat by the pool and I went for a walk to check the surf. Just as I was at the hotel exit, Wal and his wife Desky drove in. I met Wal 10 years ago in Balian and he is now living in Bali. We chatted and then had a surf together. The cross shore was stronger but there were still some good waves amongst it.
Kara and Jacinta were having lunch at Pitaya when I got out of the water so I joined them for lunch. So hungry.
Back at the hotel, I visited Wal and we chatted of past, present and future.

The girls and I had drinks at the hotel bar with Mick. Since I met Mick here he has only drunk milkshakes but tonight he had a few beers.

The girls and I had a great dinner again at Telor.

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