Wednesday, July 26, 2017


20 JULY 2017

At Balian the surf was smallish with a bit of cross shore. I paddled out and had a fun surf for about 2 hours.
We caught up with Nic and Louise and chatted about their holiday in Lombok or should I say experience.
The rest of the day was pool, eating and relaxing.

21 JULY 2017

I woke early and was out for a surf. I had two good waves when I first paddled out and then I kept being in the wrong position. 
Back in for breakfast and then out again for a second surf. I went much better this time and had a number of good waves. 
I organized laundry and then walked up the street to buy a few small items. 
After a short rest, Jacinta and I had coffee and pie at Tom's Garden restaurant. The gardens were lush and pretty making the place a good chill out venue.
Wal and Desty arrived. We all had a relaxing afternoon. I had a bit too much sun so I had a nap.
Kara had a massage and then we all went for a late dinner at Tekor.
Malaria tablets night., the last dose.

22 JULY 2017

The surf was big and messy all day. Mark had a surf and broke his board in two on the first wave.
We spent the day eating, chatting, hanging at the pool and reading.

An awesome sunset.

23 JULY 2017

The surf was good today. I had an early surf in well over head height solid waves. The second surf was better and I had a real fun time.
Wal and Desty left to drive back to Legian.
Later, Nic and Louise also left for Legian.
Kara had a two person massage and Jacinta and I had coffee at Sushi Surf Cafe.

24 JULY 2017
The surf was smaller. I paddled out predawn and had a fun time on head height waves with just a few other surfers out.
Back in for breakfast, Then another fun surf. The wind switched to on shore so I only had a short surf.

The rest of the afternoon was eating, chatting, and chillin'

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