Saturday, July 22, 2017


I woke early and walked down to the village beach for a swim. It was quiet and the water was clear and very warm.

Back at the hotel we had breakfast, packed, paid our bill, said our goodbyes and were off to Tomohon. Denny (cost 450 000R) picked us up at about 9:30am and we drove to Waruga in the Minahasa Highlands to look at the  pre-christian tombs. The graves were hollow stone boxes above the ground with a stone lid that looked like a house roof. There were often decorations on the lid - designs and people. The first grave sitting by itself was of the first person to settle in the Minahasa highlands - Wahru. The other graves were the followers. It is amazing to think that the grave was actually, THE first person.

We continued on to Mountain View Resort and Spa in Tomohon. We unloaded, paid Denny, made arrangements for tours over the next two days, checked into the hotel, settled into our rooms and had lunch. We met a lovely German couple from Hannover travelling with their 12 year old daughter.

After lunch settled, Jacinta and I went for a walk/hike. We just followed the road and took two dirt track turnoffs to see where they would take us. Well, they took us up and through the rainforest jungle. There were a lot of bird and insect calls along the way. The mosquitoes were ferocious whenever we stopped. We had insect repellent on but we had put on another dose.

Back at the hotel, we crossed the road to The Explorers Bar. It was nice and relaxing. Jacinta started with a cocktail and then we had a few beers.

Back at the hotel, we had dinner then to our room. I was asleep in minutes, as usual.

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