Friday, July 21, 2017


We woke, had breakfast, lazed about the hotel room, checked out and were on our way to Tangkoko National Park.

The drive took 2 hours from Manado through traffic then narrow roads and finally along narrow and windy mountain roads.

We arrived at Tangkoko Hill Cottages, met Franky - the owner, and settled into our room. The room was clean, aircon/fan, a good bed and a small verandah. Thee room was 400 000R per night with three meals (+6281340302444) 

Lunch and all other meals were serve in a large dining area on a small hill inside the property. The lunch was rice with about five dishes of meat and vegetables. It was very tasty.

Later, we went for a walk along the road and through the village to the black sanded beach.  As we walked, we smiled and said hello to lots of people who smiled back and said hello.

The beach was long, steeply sloped, strewn with local boats, black sand and cresent in shape. One end of the beach which was at the far end of the village had a headland and the other end stretched off towards Tangkoko National Park. In the water, boats were anchored a little offshore and there were a number of large wooden fishing platforms moored close to shore and out to sea.

We walked along the beach and sat in a quiet shady spot under a tree. I had a swim in the ocean. It was eerie swimming as the sand was black, the water clear and the current strong.

We wandered back to the hotel and had dinner. We met two lovely Swiss girls and two German guys - Felix and Jo. One of the girls, worked in an Internayional School in Singapore that other lived in Switzerland. The girl from Switerland was beaming with excitement over her whole trip. It was so nice to see such enthusiasm and geniune happiness.

Malaria tablets night.

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