Sunday, July 16, 2017


Kara and John would have arrived at Gili Air staying at the Zitt Bar restaurant and bungalows.

I woke early to sun and blue skies. We had breakfast at the hotel. While I was waiting in the foyer, I was semi-swamped by a group of lovely Manado ladies about to start a conference. 

After that, we started on a long and fun walk along the city streets. We walked in the general direction of the harbour and took a number of side distractions which were  amazing. On one of the turn offs we walked through a souk type eating area. We had the feeling we weren't welcomed but a few smiles changed all that and it was like a reunion with old mates.
Down at the harbor, we wandered around looking at the boats and ferries. It was very pretty.

We eventually, came across the boats for Bunaken Island and met Captain Ricky. We got his phone number and negotiated a price for a drop off to Bunaken in about a week. It turned out that the place we want to stay, Lozenzo's, is his brother.

We walked further and met some lovely people down at the waterfront behind the Mega Mall. We walked some more in the increasing heat and humidity then headed for the Mega Mall for a great coffee and early lunch. 

We caught a taxi back to the hotel and swam and sat around the pool.

Clouds and thunder set in so it as back to the room.

The weather cleared and we decided on eating near the waterfront. The reception recommended Wisata Bahari, which had a great view over the ocean. We had beers and fish and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

It was dark so we took a taxi back to the hotel and had a Bailey's at the hotel bar.
Back in the room and it seemed so late but it was only 8:30pm. Ha ha.

Earlier, I had rung Denny from Manado Rafting. He organized a car to Tangkoko for 400 000R compared to the hotel price of 605 000r.

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