Sunday, July 23, 2017


We woke to the sounds of rain pattering on the tin roof of our room. Very soothing!

After breakfast, we were off on our white water rafting trip with Denny to Timbukar village. The village was quaint and pretty.

We were soon in the water after meeting our guides Dolly and Adry. The river was a series of rapids that were long and short. It was heaps of fun. We stopped at one bend and walked to a very small, pretty and powerful waterfall. We swam in the waterfall pool and tried to get close to the falls.

Back in the river for more rapids and fun. I fell off shortly afterwards. It wasn't so bad but at one point the raft went over the top of me which wasn't pleasant when I wanted some air. It wasn't a big drama and it was fun getting more wet. We continued on and eventually stopped after about 7 kilometres.

There was an open back truck waiting and it was another adventure driving back to the start in the back of the truck.

We cleaned up, had lunch and drove back to the hotel.

On the way back, we stopped at Woloan village to looked at the making of the wooden houses. We wandered inside one. It would be nice to own one. :)

The rest of the afternoon was relaxing. There were two very heavy downpours of rain during the afternoon..

We contacted Denny and Captain Rikki for our transport to Bunaken Island tomorrow.

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