Wednesday, July 26, 2017


25 July 2017
An early surf. It started a bit small but got better the longer I was out. Back in for breakfast, then out for a short second surf. Once again the wind turned onshore so i was only out an hour.

A late morning pot of coffee, pie and ice cream at Tom's Garden.

Late afternoon was cocktails at Gubug Bar and then down to Tekor for dinner.

26 July 2017

A light rain this morning with lots of clouds. It kept the weather cool.
A fun glassy morning surf then back in for breakfast. I had a second surf in better waves and Jacinta took some photos of me surfing. While I was out there I met Trevor, who recognized me from you-tube videos. He owns a rock climbing centre in Sweden where he has been living the about the last twenty years.
The rest of the day was lunch and chilling in a light rain.
We were sitting in Tom's garden having coffee and pie, when Jeff the postie walked by with Col (Col is  a surveyor from WA). They joined us and we chatted away. We met Jeff at the beginning of the trip.
We had a cocktails and a nice dinner at Gubug Café.

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