Sunday, July 23, 2017


We woke, had breakfast, packed and loaded the car for Manado/Bunekin.

Our first stop was stations of the cross. There was a bit of confusion as Denny thought we meant the cross on the hill. Well, it turned into a great drive. We turned off the main road and were soon going upwards on a massively eroded and loose gravel road. Denny was determined that we would get to the top and I was pretty sure he was going to snap an axle. We got to the top and were rewarded with panoramic views over Manado, the ocean and distant islands. The cross was big and rarely visited by tourists. Wonder why?

Next we stopped  in Manado on a hill opposite the statue of Jesus. It was very impressive. 

We stopped at the first harbour and waited a short time for Captain Ricky and our boat to Bunaken Island. The boat trip was fun even when it began to rain. We got soaked even though we were under cover but were dry by the time we reached Bunaken.

On arrival at Two Fish, we were given a long spiel about the hotel and facilities, then we settled into our rooms and went to the large open dining area for lunch. Everyone was seated at one long table and it was all very quiet and subdued. I found that too hard to handle and started talking to a few people. The food as great.

We swam in the pool and when it cooled down in the afternoon, we went for a walk to and through the village. The village was basically two narrow bricked streets. It was relatively tidy and the houses were varied and mainly single storey, except for the enormous church.

Back to the hotel for dinner and sleep.

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