Wednesday, April 12, 2017


A few days away in the campervan to Myall Lakes National Park. About 2 hours drive.

My first stops were to check out a few beaches along the way. Birdie Beach at Munmorah SCA was misty and had a bit of a wave but not worth the effort. Next, was Hams Beach which had poor surf but a great morning/drive break with a cappuccino.

I continued onwards until I arrived at Hawks Nest beach. What a surprise! Every time, I have looked at this place the water has been inundated with seaweed and the surf very poor but today it was clean, and glassy with small okay waves.

I surfed a right hand bank then moved further down the beach to a nice left which had a bit of power on the sets.

I chatted with a guy in the water and later when I got out of the surf. He told me that the yellow buoy about 100 metres out was a beacon for detecting sharks. When I shark comes pass the beacon the shark alarm at the surf club goes off.

My next stop was setting up camp at Banksia Green camp area within Myall Lakes NP. A great camp with large sites and a track over one sand dune to the beach. The beach was long and pretty.

After a rest, I went for a 12 km mountain bike ride from the camp site to the start of the Tomboy Trail then onto the Brambles Green Track and back via the road.

What an amazing ride. It started with an easy fire trail then small pools of water puddled on the road and the trees changed to cabbage palms. The pools of water became larger the further I went until they covered the entire road in sections. It was fun getting around the water but eventually, I had to ride through it as there was no way around. Of course, my shoes became soaked.

The tracked ended at a small isolated fishing settlement on the Myall River. I backtracked and turned on the Brambles Green track.

This track would just disappear either into the thick leaf cover or underwater. There was one arrow at the beginning then it was a matter I looking for the probable direction of the track. Every now and again there were narrow long footbridge that were raised above the swamp. At least, I knew I was going the right way. of course I was back in the water at the end of each bridge.

The track lead to a river camping area that was drenched in water.

I continued on and the track lead out of the water and onto a defined trail back to the road.

A really adventurous and exciting ride.

Back at my campsite, I hung things out to dry, rested, cooked dinner and had a well deserved sleep.

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