Monday, April 3, 2017


The surf was looking poorer this morning and there had been two days of lighter rain so maybe a mountain bike ride.

I drove to Bouddi National Park and started from the Maitland Bay carpark.

The ride started along road towards MacMasters Beach. After a 100m there was a 80km speed sign and a dirt area. An easy to see track easy lies on the left. This was the turkey track. The track was a bit heavy and eroded in spots but heaps of fun.

I followed the track to the end where it intersects with the NW ridge trail. At this point, I turned right to the top of the hill. Near the top there was a track to the left. That was the NW ridge track. I followed this for a short distance and turned to the left. the track meanders on the edge of the escarpment running roughly parallel with the NW ridge trail. This track was the best.

I followed the track till it joined onto the NW ridge trail. I continued down a short hill and then up a hill until I( reached the Aboriginal site. A good rest spot and a rock hopping venue.

On the right, at the corner of the sandstone platform was a track. It was short and a bit random but it goes to the bottom of the hill and onto the NW  ridge trail.  I followed this to the end and start of the NW ridge track.

I cycled down the track but this time after a short distance I turned right. I follow it till the end and turn right and over the gate. This track was very slippery and wet in parts. It would be better in the reverse direction.

I turned right onto the road and at the top of the hill there was a gate for the start of the strum trail. This trail is wide but narrows in sections. After awhile there was a track to the right that winded through the ferns and back to the strom trail. This track is very pretty with ferns, burrawangs and rocks.

I then followed the strom trail to the end and up a short steep hill and back to the Maitland Bay carpark.

About 7 kms total. IA great fun ride with lots of variety in tracks and scenery. Mosquito repellent was definitely needed.

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