Wednesday, April 12, 2017


A good night sleep, a cup of tea and I drove to Boomeri camping area for a mountain bike ride on the Old Gibber Trail.

The trail was very wide, flat and not very exciting.

The three best parts were the turnoffs off the trail. - Johnson hill, Johnson Beach and Shelly Beach

The first was Johnsons Lookout. This was a steep uphill track with a partial view over the lakes from the hill top. The area now in national park was part of a farm in the early 1900's. The ride down the hill was fast, steep and fun. The track continued at the bottom of the hill onto the Johnson Beach track which was also a steep downhill with erosion bumps to add to the thrill.

Johnsons Beach was beside one of the lakes and had a long stretch of camping sites mainly for use by boat users. Only one lady and her son were camped there because the strong winds had made gtting in and getting out hazardous. Still, it looked like a nice place to camp.

I backtracked to the main trail and at the turn off for Shelly beach, I met a family heavily laden with backpacks who had done a walk-in camp.

Shelly Beach camp was similar in looks to Johnson Beach camp but no one was there. There were two large goannas basking in the sun.

I backtrack back to the start.

Generally, a not too much fun 27 km ride (except for Johnson Hill and Beach).

I spent the afternoon reading and resting at White Tree Bay campsite. Just before dark the rain started to pour and with it the mosquitoes came out in force and unfortunately got into the van. I had mosquito repellent but not spray so it took ages to get rid of them.

It rained all night which is a nice sound to sleep by in the comfort of the van.

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