Thursday, April 27, 2017



Today we all drove up to Newcastle University for Chloe's graduation in Bachelor of Architecture.

We picked my the cap and gown then walked to the Great Hall for the ceremony. Chloe sat with the graduates and we were further back.

The ceremony was very traditional. There was organ music playing as a prelude. When it stopped, we all stood for the academic staff who walked in a long precession in traditional robes. There were three speeches and followed by the presentation of the graduates.

Chloe looked very proud receiving her diploma and we were proud and happy for her. Chloe was radiate the whole day.

Outside, we met up with her friends and took photos.

Later, we drove down to the harbour at Newcastle and had lunch by the water with some of Chloe's friends and family.


We drove down to Shellharbour for Beacon's 60th.

I've known Beacon since early surfing days - 45 years. Plus we had a trip to NZ in 1976 for 3 months and numerous other smaller excursions. All good memories - past and present.

The party was sensational. Heaps of food, good music and long time friends. Beacon surprised everyone when he renewed wedding vows with his wife. Very romantic and nice.

Who was there? Beacon, Dakka, Ball, Tony, Robbo, Pluck, Fatouris, Mando, Mark... lots of bagging and good laughs.

Oh! And we drank a bit too.


Jacinta and I slept in the campervan and then we joined Beacon, Meryl, Tony, Ball and Robbo for breakfast at Beacon's home.

After a big feed and more laughs, the boys all headed off for a surf at the Farm. The waves were small and sloppy but it didn't matter. Ball, Beacon and I had a good time and the water cleared my head a bit.

It was a long drive home but what a fun night and day... we should turn 60 more often. :)


I woke feeling a bit ordinary after so much driving with a few drinks.

I checked the surf which looked very good except the tide was too high and the waves were barely breaking. There would be good surf later with the lower tide.

I drove to Kincumba Mountain for a mountain bike ride. i only did the summit track as I was just wasn't into it. Still it was a fun and quiet 3 km ride. Afterwards, I had a short ocean swim at Terrigal Haven and a cappuccino. The water was a bit brisk but the coffee was hot. A nice combo.

Later, Chloe, Kara and I had lunch at a cafe in Avoca.


A surf check at Wamberal Beach to start the day. The waves looked okay so I had a surf. In the water, I met Chris, who hadn't been surfing for five years even though he lives across the road from the beach. He had a lot of travelling stories which were very interesting.

This morning was one of those mornings where you met up with local friends you haven't seen for awhile so there as a lot of talking.

Later, Jacinta and I went for a bush walk at Girrakool. It as very pretty and quiet and a light rain started about half way through the walk.


Car in for a service and a recall repair. Did a lot of things at home.

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