Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Another good night sleep.

There was a lot of rain last night and there were still showers in the morning. I wandered around the campsite. The wind was still strong with small waves on the lake. I packed and drove to Hawks Nest Beach.

The winds were brisk but off shore. The waves were looking bigger and better than the other day. I paddled out and had a great time on some nice rights though the takeoff was a little shifting.

It was a bit chilly when I got out so I drove over the promenade at Tea Gardens and warmed up on a cappuccino.

The wind wasn't as strong and the sun was shining so I decided on a bit of fishing on my kayak. I got myself ready and launched and threw my line out on the sheltered side of one of the islands. Luckily, I had prepared myself for wet weather as it rained three times when I was out. I didn't even get a nibble on the line but it was still nice sitting on the water.

Back to shore and I drove the short distance back to Hawks Nest beach to check the surf. No one was out, the waves were breaking very randomly and it was pouring with heavy rain so I thinking that most activities I wanted to do were too wet to do, I decided to head back home.

It was a good few days away.

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