Wednesday, September 20, 2017


I checked a couple of nearby beaches but the swell had increased and the sandbanks weren't handling the waves.

I decided to check Umina Beach and The Box. unfortunately, they weren't too good either.

Next choice was a cycle around the tracks at Warrah Trig in Brisbane Water National Park.

I parked at Warrah Trig and had a short hike enjoying the wildflowers. I wandered into the bush and followed a series of sandstone boulders. The boulders were slightly above the vegetation so I had some good views north over Box Head and Bouddi National Park.

I drove back down the road and parked close to the main road.

I was testing the new gel bike seat. It was so good that I didn't need the bike pants.

My first track lead to a massive relatively flat series of tessellated sandstone. It was heaps of fun  cycling over the rough surface and finding a path through the clumps of bushes. The views over the spoon shaped depression were rugged and pretty. I found a plant I haven't seen before - Drosera Spatulata of the sundew family.

Next, was a fun short track that followed the main road.

I crossed the main road and followed the service roads to a couple of smaller tracks that lead to wide areas of sandstone that I had a cycle/play on.

Returning back along the main road, I spied a track to the left. I followed it and had a fun time meandering around boulders and vegetation until I reached a series of huge sandstone platforms. It was excellent riding over them and finding a at down and up to all the different levels. There was also a great view across the spoon shaped depression to where I was in the beginning of the ride.

A fun and adventurous 5km ride.

After the ride, I drove to Ettalong for a coffee and a bite to eat at 'The Box on the Water Café'. A great place to sit in the sun while watching the slow boating view across the exit of Brisbane Water.

I checked the waves on the way back home but still a no go.

Later in the afternoon, I had a walk with Jacinta from Terrigal surf club to and around the Haven. A nice finish to the day.

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