Saturday, September 2, 2017


22 August 2017
I felt a bit better this morning.
I drove down to North Avoca beach and walked down to the sand. It was a pretty morning with the golden hue of the sun to the north playing across the ocean, random nice waves, a lone surfer paddling out and birds flying over head. All very nice.

My next stop was Terrigal Beach, where I sat on the steps overlooking the sand and had a cappuccino. The sun was warm and it was very relaxing.

Back in my car when I saw a lady  looking intently at her mobile phone walk into a wall. She looked a bit shaken but preceded to go back to the phone and then cross the street oblivious to traffic. Luckily, the cars stopped but the driver in front looked stunned at what she was doing.

Back home and later,  Kara and I took Mr Archibald down to the waterfront at Gosford. We ate fish and chips while Mr Archibald looked apprehensively at the crowd of aggressive seagulls around us. Food was finished and the gulls departed.

I got my bike out of the van and took Archibald for a ride along the promenade. He sat on my shoulder and loved it. So did I.

23 August 2017
Later in the morning, Kara and I met Chloe for lunch at the Lotus Cafe at Wamberal. A nice lunch where I ran into friend Larry and his wife. After eating, we walked to the beach and sat on the sand enjoying the sunshine and watching the small waves.

27 August 2017
In the warmest part of the day, Jacinta and I made lunch and took it down to the Haven. We sat on the stone wall out of the wind and watched the world go by while we ate our sandwiches. It became so warm that we ended up shirtless and enjoying the rays.

1 September 2017
I was feeling better, I think, and decided on a hike. I drove to Putty Beach and decided a short hike would be okay.

I wandered along the beach which had a lot of bluebottles along the high tide line. Bluebottles are a type of jellyfish with a painful and prolong sting from the tentacles. They swarm in the ocean on mass so it is not a good idea to swim when they are going towards shore on the high tide.

The waves were large, the tide mid and the waves erratic so I thought it best to hike along the cliff edge rather than the rocks on the water's edge.

I walked up the wooden staircase from the beach to the top of the headland. At the top, there were two glossy black cockatoos (endangered). They squawked a bit then flew off. I followed the track through the bushes and after a short distance it opened up to rocks and clumps of vegetation which characterize the area.

There were great patterns and shapes  on the golden sandstone formed by rain, wind, salt and wave action. In parts, the sandstone was tessellated.

The waves were large and put on a great show crashing into the cliffs or roiling over the rock shore platforms.

At one point, a sea eagle spiraled slowly over the land and ocean. A pretty sight.

The track varied from a rustic raised wooden walkway to over the natural rocks. The walkway does protect the landscape and looking at it from a distance on a cliff backdrop, I think, it looked pretty.

The final destination was Bullimah Beach. Access to the beach, was via a precarious looking stairway. The beach was small and cliff surrounded. The sand looked virginal as the tide had wipe the clear the footprints and mine were the first for the day.

I plodded back to the van and drove a short distance to Killcare Beach Cafe for a cappuccino and scones. A nice ending to a pleasant hike.

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