Friday, September 8, 2017


I drove to Brisbane Water National Park for a mountain bike ride along the Mooney Trail.

I parked just before the bridge that passes over Mooney Creek along the Old Pacific Highway. There is a cleared area and a sign indicating the start of the track.

After passing around the locked gate, I rode don the rough service road to Mooney Creek and the bridge. I turned left and followed Mooney Creek to the junction of Piles Creek. This part of the track was flat with a lot of soft overhanging branches. The creek which was on the right was very pretty with either full views or partial vies through the light foliage.

At the junction of the two creeks was a small camp area that was used by fishermen.

I backtracked to the turn off that follows the track along Piles Creek. I followed the track as far as the suspension bridge where there as a camping area for the Great North Walk.

The track was very narrow in sections with a lot of rock and tree root obstacles. In addition,  the track sometimes sloped steeply towards the river. Falling off at this spot would be a problem.

Part of the track was along a slightly raised wooden walkway.

There were a couple of spots where I came to grief. All of them were rock obstructions that stopped me abruptly. On one of the them, I was in a bit of agony when I fell on the bike bar between the legs ... ouch!

The end of the track was the end of the creek, the suspension bridge and the camp area. I crossed the bridge, played on the rocks and wandered around the camping area.

It was a challenging 5km ride in a very pretty environment.

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