Thursday, September 14, 2017


A kayak at Avoca Lagoon.

A beautiful morning - warm, sunny, wispy clouds, reflections on the water.

I only paddled for 2km but spent a bit of time soaking in the ambiance of particular spots.

The start of the kayak is always pretty as it protected from most winds so the water is very reflective. There are branches overhanging the shore and a couple of trees which have fallen into the water. The birds were hidden but they were very noisy.

The next stop was the beach. The paddle took me past the beach and only 50 metres from the ocean waves. There were a lot of people walking their dogs. One of them I recognized was Paul. I pulled in ashore and we had a chat for awhile.

The lagoon is sort of a t-shape and over one of the crossovers is a bridge for car and pedestrian traffic. I paddled under the bridge and enjoyed the reflections of light and water on the underside of the base of the bridge. It was a bit mesmerizing.

Back across to the island and I paddled a short distance into the other t intersection. It was fun paddling amongst the water bounded trees and reeds. I spied a couple of birds foraging.

I packed my gear and drove over to Terrigal Beach for a cappuccino. I ran into Michael and his dog. We sat, walked and chatted about climate change.

After leaving Michael, I noticed a group of seagulls sitting quietly and in a straight line along the promenade wall. Sort of looked unusual to their normal frenzied activity.

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